Californian Massages in Cannes, Nice and Monaco

Naomi Massages… trust the expertise of a professional.

If you are tired, stressed or want to effectively relieve the back aches that constantly effect you, why not opt for a massage? It has been known for a long time that a massage contributes to the well-being and attributes to the good health to the human body. It is a great way to relieve sore muscles, eliminate toxins and relax the body and the mind at the time. As you know, It is often difficult to find a competent professional.

Why choose Naomi Massages?

If you are looking for a Californian or Swedish massage in Cannes - Nice or Monaco, Naomi is the experienced professional you need.
From Cannes to Monaco, you can benefit from high-quality services. Having received extensive training on well-being, your practitioner offers you relaxation sessions at home with highly developed equipment as well as natural products that are made available to you.

Naomi meets the standards and requirements of a high-end clientele. Travelling the coast from Cannes to Monaco, Naomi offers personalized and quality services that will meet your expectations.

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Offering tailor made services at your home

Due to her professional experience and extensive trainings, social encounters and voyages, Naomi proposes that you release your emotions by using organic oils, these oils are created depending on the demand. In Cannes, Antibes, Nice or Monaco, your professional wellness masseur offers you effective relaxation techniques that use a different innovative approach. The sessions are completely personalized, as the needs of each person are different.

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Aromatherapy, are natural products that meet all of your needs

Nature is the most powerful way to improve your well-being. Your practitioner uses only natural products composed of essential and vegetable oils for you as well providing the best possible aromatherapy care in the 06 region.

For complete neuro-muscular relaxation, you have the choice between different synergies with oils based on pure extracts of Lavandin Super, Bay Laurel or Fragrant Wintergreen. Enjoy relaxation sessions using powerful and soothing pure Arnica vegetable oils like Arnica, apricots and many other plant extracts and flowers with a thousand virtues.

By trusting Naomi, opt for the anti-stress of the sun: Essential oils Ylang-Ylang, pure extracts such as Madagascar Vanilla Absolute or Coconut-based vegetable oil for a bright and relaxing moment.

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A massage on your yacht?

Your practitioner selects natural and pure products to immerse you in a state of total abandonment, it reduces your stress, relieves fatigue, helps with your psychophysical and accumulated tensions in the body

If you need a massage in Nice or a massage in Monaco , Naomi offers personalized services and in perfect harmony with your needs. The sessions can be done on board your yacht during your stay in Cannes or in Monaco. Her many years of practice and professional experience have allowed her to develop completely innovative relaxation sessions focusing on helping you to develop and progress both in your personal and professional life.

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