Your practitioner

After a career rich in travelling and meeting many people of different origin and cultures, I have decided to live from my passion: massage. Spontaneous of nature and altruistic, I like to listen to the world and those who animate it. These qualities, hopefully to your approval and satisfaction, is my priority.
Trained in Californian massage since 2016 in the private school of Dr LOISEAU in Valbonne, I was able to develop different techniques over the last few years.
These same techniques and approaches have given the sense of touch such perpetual evolution that extends to the fields of constant new discovery which is indispensable for the continuous development on both a personal and professional level.

I invite you to discover my universe, aromatherapy and that of well-being practitioner, my interest in natural products, and I am always interested in listening and learning from others.
Whatever the treatment, my aspiration to provide a powerful, intense but gentle massage generating awareness, opening emotions, makes this profession unique in my eyes and drives my passion to practice this work.
In order to optimize each of the services, the daily appointments are limited: quality is crucial and comes before quantity.
Independent practitioner since obtaining my certificate, I travel the region between Cannes and Monaco, with my main tool being energy which I wish to put at your service.